Monday, October 20, 2014

Fever Goes to Ann Arbor!

Fever had our second tournament/scrimmage of the year on October 12th! About 25 girls travelled up to that state up north to scrimmage with University of Michigan, Michigan State, and Eastern Michigan University. Two teams, Scarlet and Grey, went hard from 9-5 squeezing in 5 and 4 games respectively, and kicking butt while taking names all along the way against some tough competition. We kicked off the day with the rising sun, starting our fancy new warm-up around 8 in the morning. From there, the super fun Fever day took off!
Fever Grey started the day playing Michigan State in a game the was full of beautiful layouts and a lot of grass stains. Grey maintained a pretty comfortable lead throughout the game, but that's not to say that we didn't have to fight for every point. We had a few blocked throws courtesy of Michigan State's hard marks, but our handlers threw some hard fakes and we managed to come out with a solid win. The next game was against one of the University of Michigan teams, and it was another hard fought victory for Fever Grey. This game was all about stamina and endurance. The points were long and both teams were extremely worn out by the end of it all. Following that game, it was time for the two Fever teams to face one another, but first, a teaching moment. Enter zone defense and an introduction on how to deal with it as an offense. After we learned a little, it was put to the test in a "scrimmage" between Scarlet and Grey. Both sides showed a pretty good understanding of one, but Grey came out on top with the win. Following that scrimmage, it was over to the turf fields for us! There, we played the other University of Michigan team. This game proved to be a challenge of conditioning with a huge number of long points. We didn't even get to "half time" score-wise until soft time was already called! The last point of the game came in the point after our halftime when hard time was called. Through it all Fever Grey did really well and came out of the "tournament" undefeated!
Fever Scarlet had a similarly excitingly good day going undefeated except for the scrimmage between the Fever teams. Thanks to Mika, I have a lovely impression of how the day went for Scarlet. Their first game was against one of the University of Michigan teams, and it turns out that game as all about the rookies proving that they've got a lot to offer both teams. It's nice to see that even with only two months of playing under the belts of most rookies, the different concepts are starting to cross over onto the field of play instead of just being something we talk about in practice.
Overall, it was a great weekend for Fever, and I look forward to seeing what Fall Brawl is going to bring for all of us! Go Bucks!

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